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Holistic Estate Planning: We Help You Predict Your Family’s Future.

Hogle Law’s sole focus is to ensure our clients protect the things that matter most: their families, their lives, and their legacy. Estate planning isn’t just a profession, it’s our passion. Let us help give you peace of mind.


Visit our learning center online. Call us on the phone. Meet us at the office. Let us teach you about estate planning and our services.


You know your family, your business, your hopes, and your fears. We want to learn from you. Teach us what is important to you and your family.


Nothing is more important than the plan. Together we will create an estate planning strategy that provides certainty for your family.


Now it’s time to draft, sign, and coordinate. Don’t worry, we’re in this together. We’ll make sure your estate plan is implemented to perfection.


Why Hire Hogle Law

Kevin Hogle, founder of Hogle Law, is always available to talk to his clients, day or night. He understands that when you retain him as your estate planning attorney, you want to talk to him, not his paralegal, secretary, or legal assistant.
Kevin Hogle, a native of Detroit, comes from a hard-working family of auto workers. He understands that you work hard for your money, and you expect your estate planning attorney to do the same. To Hogle Law, service means communicating, educating, advising, and implementing strategies to achieve our client’s goals.
When hiring an estate planning lawyer, you want to know what service will be provided, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. Before retaining Hogle Law, we will provide you with a consultation to answer all of these questions, free of charge. Give us a call, or send us an email to find out more.

Estate Planning

What happens to your family and your estate when you’re gone, or if you become disabled or incapacitated? How will your spouse, your children, or your other loved ones be able to take care of themselves? Estate planning is for everyone, young or old. Hogle Law can help you plan, now.

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orange county probate attorney and orange county trust administration attorney

Probate & Trust Admin.

Figuring out what to do when a loved one dies or becomes incapacitated can be complicated. Decisions that can affect you and your family tremendously need to be made quickly and correctly. Hogle Law can help you navigate through probate proceedings in court, or administer a trust.

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orange county business law attorney, newport beach entity formation lawyer

Business Law & Planning

Starting, ending, or passing on a business to heirs is almost always complicated. Hogle Law counsels our clients in: business formation, dissolution and succession; partnership, member and shareholder agreements; and various other organizational and operational matters.

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Want Free Estate Planning Documents

If you can’t afford to hire a lawyer now, at least put together a simple plan.

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